Joe - Punters Step Out/Club Scared [HEK022]

HEK022Step Out being the introductory track on this is a nice taster of the controlled craziness of this release. Some people may dub it as a clown style sound but I get radiated vibes similar to that of a ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’ casino feel under a Hunter S Thompson concoction, tasty. If you're looking for a visional aid to help your mind get around this magically trippy track, try envisioning yourself inside the workings of a 1940's wireless radio, that’s been drawn by Mc Escher, whilst the radio is furiously whizzing around through 300mph hurricane winds on its way to see the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. After you've travelled upon the merry go round that is the internal workings of Joe's mind you find yourself getting sucked straight into a dancehall beat and a cascade of nicely automated reverbs to spin round your noggin. Joe maintains his funky Hemlocky  rhythm in this one, with his previous Hessle audio influenced beats resonating throughout both tracks. 

The B Side kicks in at around 140bpm "thiissssssss is the hoooook" is just as percussive as its predecessor, and I can imagine it doing what it says on the tin- ‘Club Scared’ this would scare the bollocks of a sea horse. Its a metaphorical stork delivering an interesting use of vocal sampling, the hook line of the song, tells you to not listen, which jsut makes you want to do the opposite. The whole track from start to finish sounds like a whole contradiction, constantly telling you you've heard everything before and nothing is original, maybe this is Joe's way of telling us he's collaborated with Banksy on this, and its a middle finger to advertising and the media. This track clearly has a deeper meaning than the repetitive kick drum. Being kinda melody-less, the field recording percussion (reminiscent of ‘Studio Power On’) drives the track into a hard dissonant synth hit and replaces the need for one really! Plus the woman on the track sounds like a keeper This is as energetic as Joe’s other releases and I need more a’ this. His releases always show he has a wide range of experimentalism and aint scared to try something else. 


“This is what you take home with you”